About Us

Building on a 25 year history , Nexus Architecture is an award winning firm, specializing in home design for both new and remodel construction. Our work is conducted throughout Denver’s premier redevelopment neighborhoods such as: Washington Park, Belcaro, Bonnie Brae, Cory Merrill, Cherry Creek, Hilltop, Denver Country Club , Cherry Hills Village, Observatory Park, Crestmoor Park, Highlands and Greenwood Village. Our designs have led to the creation of hundreds of custom home projects and home remodels, meeting the special needs and unique tastes of our clients throughout much of Continental North America. Although our work has been recognized and awarded locally as well as nationally, faithfully serving the goals of our valued clients is our greatest reward and most sincere commitment.

While we have extensive experience in our home state of Colorado,

we have designed for clients within the many diverse climates and subcultures of the North American continent and Pacific Islands; from Hawaii to Texas, Montana to Florida, Alaska to Costa Rica. Our personalized approach to architectural design and project management places a priority on effective communication and teamwork between Architect, Contractor and the Owner/Developer from concept to completion.

Although our designs are as unique as the clients who help create them, all of them evoke a compelling sense of place style and comfort that makes them highly livable and timeless.

Design Process for further inquiries, give us a call.

How should I go about selecting my architect?

You should choose your architect much as you would choose a physician or a lawyer. Check their reputation and references certainly, but be sure to interview them personally as well. Design is a very personal experience and you must be sure that the person you select will really listen to your needs and desires, and will help you design the home of your dreams and intentions, not theirs. You will be spending quite a bit of time with your architect and will be sharing important parts of your life with them. Be sure that you like and trust them. Professional qualifications are very important but "beside manner" may be equally critical.

How much will it cost to design our project?

Many factors must be considered in setting the fees for a design project, including the difficulty of the site, the size of the project, the complexity of the project etc.  Please contact us so that we may ask all of the questions to quote you a precise fee.

How much will it cost to build our project?

Construction costs vary due to dozens of factors in a custom home design. The exterior materials, the number of floors, the site, the interior finishes, the area of the country, the complexity of the design and the structural and mechanical systems used are only a few of the factors that influence the cost of constructing a custom home. Beware of anyone who will quote your construction costs before they know a great deal about your project and the details of your design.

How can we be sure our design can be built within our budget?

Nexus works closely with experienced developers, builders and contractors during the design of your home, partnering with them to provide estimating for ongoing cost control and for advice on construction efficiency during the design process. We are happy to work with the builder of your choice, to help you select a qualified builder, or to refer you to someone we have worked well with in the past.

How do we start the design process?

First, call us at 303-877-2620 or from our webpage - submit some basic information about yourself along with any comments and questions. We will talk you through the entire process and it is our job to help you with all the decisions that must be made while designing your project. We can advise you as to what decisions need to be made at what time and you can be as involved or as uninvolved as you wish in the process. We work very successfully with clients who are not in the same place as their architect, or often, their building site. E-mail, fax and conference calls allow us to keep our clients informed and involved in the entire design process even from a distance.

Will I need the services of other professionals besides my architect?

Yes. A structural engineer is required for homes in most parts of the country. Nexus Architecture can provide in-house engineering to best coordinate the architectural and structural design of your project. An interior designer may, or may not, be required to finish your dream home. However, most people find the services of an interior designer to be invaluable during the design process. On larger luxury custom homes the need for careful integration of everything from fabrics to floors usually requires the services of an experienced interior designer. Nexus can recommend an interior designer, or will be happy to coordinate with the designer of your choice. Landscape architects, lighting designers, mechanical engineers, surveyors, soil engineers, pool consultants, audio/visual consultants, and kitchen designers are some of the other consultants often brought into the team on a full service project. Your architect is the team leader, orchestrating the consultants and the builder to achieve the maximum in creativity and enthusiasm from everyone involved in your project.

Should I have my site selected before I begin working with an architect?

In general, yes. However, Nexus can assist with site selection for those people who have strong vision for their designs and are not sure which site might best fit their needs.  The best buildings are always designed within the context of a specific site.  Orientation, access, views, grade, surrounding buildings, sunlight, vegetation etc. are all considered in the overall process.

How long does the design and building process take?

This varies on the size and complexity of your project and factor such as design review boards as well as your ability to make timely decisions.  Usually, from the time we begin design to the time we are ready to submit the finished construction drawings for a building permit is usually about 1-2 months.  Most of our homes are built in 8-10 months.

Guy Nichols, AIA, Project Architect

Guy's accomplishments within various fields of design, engineering and construction spans a career of more than twenty five years. As an award winning architect and licensed contractor he has successfully designed and developed hundreds of single family, multi-family and mixed use projects working at all scales from community planning to interior layout.

Guy began his career in Construction as a field supervisor for a custom home builder in Evergreen. After completing his education he went on to be a Staff Architect for the Davis Partnership, a Professor of Architecture for the University of Colorado and formed Nichols Design Group in 1994.

He holds a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Architectural Association, London, a Master of Architecture from The University of Colorado, Denver and a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder.